Turkish Short Stories Competitions

Dr. Bagdagul Mussa held two competitions in writing stories in the Turkish language for students of Writing Course during the first semester of 2016/2017. The results, that have been announced in the current semester  in the presence of the Dean, Professor Mahmoud Al-Shra’ah,  and Director of Yunus Emre Center are as follows:


The first contest: write a short story of six words

·         First: Dima Ahmed Nimir Darwish

·         Second: Sajida Ghassan Mohammed Duar / Bara'a Akram Yousef Hussein

·         Third: Tomisha Nart Mohammed Khair Hakouz / Doaa Ahmed Hamad al-Haj Abu Kafiyyah / Ibaa Mustafa Yusuf Al- Salaimah

The second contest: write a short story

·         First: no one

·         Second: Fatima Musa Zaal Al-Ghaneimat / Sajida Ghassan Mohammed Duar

·         Third: Areej Mohammed Hamza Harb

The following students were  also honored:

·         Ibaa Mustafa Yusuf Salaima

·         Insaf Zayed Ahmed Sohail

·         Noor Saaadah Zuhair Al-Azzawi

·         Saba' Mohammed Khalaf Aldbaabh.

.​The winners received certificates of appreciation and gifts