Seminar Introduces Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation

Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding organised yesterday an open seminar at the School of Foreign Languages under the theme of ‘translation, a global language for mutual understanding/ the role of international awards in the advancement of translation’.

The seminar addressed issues and problems related to translation from Arabic to different languages and vice-versa. It also announced the launch of the fifth edition of 2019 awards, as well as the languages selected for the season. The Award’s media team explained the vision, philosophy and aims of the award in its fifth season.

Speakers at the seminar included Dr. Hanan Al Fayyad, Professor at Qatar University and spokesperson of the Award, Dr. Emtinan Al Samadi, member of teaching staff at Qatar University and member of Award’s media team, Professor Jihad Al-Shu'aibi, Professor of Linguistics and Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at the School of Foreign Languages, Dr. Hussein Al-Duweiri, Associate Professor of Translation at the School of Foreign Languages, Dr. Areej Allawzi, Assistant Professor of English/Arabic translation at the School of Foreign Languages, and Dr. Moayad Sharab, Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the School of Foreign Languages.

It is worthy to note that the Sheikh Hamad Award was initiated in Qatar in 2015 as a global award, honouring translators and their role in promoting peace and harmony between different cultures, as well as strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation amongst the nations of the world.

School of Foreign Languages

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