The Foreign Languages Launches "Who Am I" Initiative

The School of Foreign Languages on Wednesday 20/4/2019 launched the “Who Am I” series initiative, which aims at connecting the Faculty with members of the community, as well as introducing prospective students to their would-be professors. A friendly and joyful atmosphere prevailed throughout the event.

Coordinator of the event, Assistant Dean for Community Service and External Communication, Dr. Hala Abu Taleb, stated that this initiative particularly targets prospective high school students, offering them the opportunity to see their potential professors as actual persons, far removed from the solemnity and strictness notriously associated with the academic persona. This gesture, Dr. Abu Taleb adds, is hoped to engage ​and motivate students who are on the threshold of university education.

This event, which is one among a series of events to be duly arranged, was held under the patronage of Vice President for Centers and Community Service Affairs/ President of Aqaba Branch, Professor Musa S. Lozi, who spoke intimately about his personal life, education, hobbies and daily routine.

This was followed by the Dean, Professor Turki Bani-Khaled’s light-hearted account, which included curious details and anecdotes around his birth and childhood. Professor Bani-Khaled ended his talk by reading selected poems from his soon-to-be published book.  


Three other professors from the School of Foreign Languages participated in this event – namely, Dr. Bagdagul Mussa, who played a Kazakh traditional musical instrument, Dr. Moayyad Sharab, who talked about his passion for football and cooking, and Dr. Duaa Salameh, who concluded the event with a spiritual speech, stressing the importance of practising gratitude in one’s life.  


School of Foreign Languages

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