School of Foreign Languages and JICA discuss aspects of cooperation

The Coordinator of the Volunteer Program at the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Mr. Masafumi Inoue, visited the School of Foreign Languages ​​(SFL) on Wednesday 18/8/2021 and met with the Dean of the School, Prof. Yousef Abu Amirieh, to discuss the possibility of providing the School with teachers to teach Japanese for the academic year 2021/2022.

            Prof. Abu Amirieh praised the continuous cooperation between the two sides, stressing the keenness of the School of Foreign Languages ​​to teach the Japanese language to students of the University of Jordan.

            It is worth mentioning that the Japanese Language is taught as a school requirement at three levels and is taught by highly qualified Japanese teachers.

            The meeting was attended by Dr. Bagdagul Musa, Head of the Asian Languages ​​Department and Programs Liaison Officer in JICA Jordan Office, Ms. Sawsan Haddad.


School of Foreign Languages

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