The Translated Korean Novel Review Contest

​​Under the auspices of the South Korean government and the Literature Translation Institute of Korea, the Korean Language Section in the Department of Asian Languages is pleased to announce “The Translated Korean Novel Review Contest”. The contest is open to anyone interested in Korean literature, including participants who are not registered at UJ.

Contest Details:

     -  The submitted review should be 3-4 pages long, typed in 14 point font size.

     -   Registration for the contest must take place at Dr. Lee Jong’s office between 10/2/2019 and 25/4/2019.

     -   The book review must be submitted between 5/3/2019 and 2/5/2019.

     -    The selected novel for review is The Vegetarian (2007) by Han Kang.

     For enquiries, please contact Dr. Lee Jong, Coordinator of the Korean Language Section at the Faculty of Foreign Languages (Tel. 962 6 5355000, Ext. 24814). 

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