The Department of Linguistics Organizes Program about Empowering Students


on 26th April, 2012, under the patronage of Professor Rula Quawas, Dean of The Faculty of Foreign Languages, the Department of Linguistics organized a program about empowering the department's students in order to shed light on the language skills offered by the department. The head of the Department , Dr. Hsane Yagi, stated that this activity aims to provide the students with the necessary skills to improve their language. Dr. Turki Bani-Khalid emphasized the importance of conducting research and attending training field courses. Professor Zahra Awad stressed the idea that how people think affect their performance. If students think that the English language is very difficult, they may not be able to learn it and if teachers believe that the students are not able to learn, they may not be able to teach them. Mr. Mohammed Abu Rishah from Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization explained that training field courses play an important role in the students with good job opportunities. Finally, some graduates talked about their careers and how training field courses help them meet labour market needs. It is worth noting that the program activities included ironic sketches and artistic shows performed by a number of students in the department.

Faculty of Foreign Languages
Department of Linguistics


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