Overview of The Department of English Language and Literature

The department offers the following programs: First: B A in English Language and Literature: This program fosters students' knowledge of the English language and literature and develops their language competence and critical thinking skills. The program consists of three fields: 1. Advanced language skills that offers courses on the basic four skills as well as translation and journalistic writing 2. Linguistics which examines English language as a science and offers courses on linguistic, phonetics, and sociolinguistics 3. Literature which explores literary genres such as novel and drama, western theories, and periodized American and English literature Job prospects are:Media,Teaching,Translation, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Banks and companies,Tourism Second: M A in English Language and Literature: In particular, it focuses on: 1. Novel 2. Drama 3. Criticism and Literary theory 4. Methods of research in Literature Job prospects are:Teaching, Media, Tourism, Banks and Companies, and Translation Third: M A in Translation The programme develop the students' skills in English-Arabic-English translation. In particular, it focuses on: 1. Theories of translation and methods of research in translation. 2. Written translation in the fields of economics, politics, administration and media. 3. Legal and literary translation. 4. Consecutive and simultaneous translation. Job prospects are: Written translation in various types of business, Consecutive and simultaneous translation in conferences and symposiums,Teaching, Media and journalism Forth: M A in Linguistics The programme promotes the students' knowledge and skills in linguistics. In particular, it focuses on: 1. Theoretical linguistics (Phonology,Semantics, Syntax, etc.) 2. Applied linguistics (Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Discovrce analysis, etc.) 3. Methods of research in linguistics. Job prospects are:Teaching, Media, Banks and Companies, and Translation Fifth: PhD in English Literature The program provides specialized knowledge in English Literature with six concentrations: 1. Periods literature 2. Literary genres (novel, drama, poetry) 3. Literary theory and criticism 4. Major English and American critics and authors 5. World and Arabic Literatures in English translation 6. Research methodology Job prospects are: Academia, Research centers, Media, Companies, Management and leadership positions in educational institutes

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Department of English Language and Literature


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