School of Foreign Languages
"Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own."− Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Program Description :Applied English is a very modern program whose equals in the world are but a few. It is characterized by a practical and applied approach to linguistic knowledge; although it does not ignore theory completely; practice takes precedence and arches over the entire program. Hence, it focuses on empowering students with communicative English language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing without the need for meta-language. At the same time, it qualifies its graduates for the job market in such areas as tourism, hotels, media, business, law, health, and diplomacy. It inculcates in the student high values that include respect for the other, appreciation of pluralism, taking pride in their own cultural and national identity, and compliance with the moral code of ethics professionally and personally. Graduates of Applied English worked in diplomacy, media, tourism, law, public relations, health, translation, and education. Their jobs were in private and public, local and international, and profit and non-profit organizations.
Program Type :Undergraduate
Study Plan :
Study Plan for Bachelor's Degree in Applied Linguistics.pdf    
Program Department :English Language and Literature