Department Strategy
6/12/2012 8:49 AM
All of us at the Department of Asian Languages believe that languages are the window from which we can peek at civilizations and cultures. Such exposure not only benefits our small community at the university but also our lager Jordanian society. Thus, we give our best as we teach Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages making sure to empower the students with the cultural keys that help them master the languages and understand the cultures. Learning Asian languages and cultures increases our ability to develop our society and to represent it the right way in order to teach the world our true values and rich practices. الرسالة:
6/12/2012 8:50 AM
We endeavor to increase knowledge in Asian languages and cultures in order to open horizons of cooperation and solidarity on different levels among countries speaking Asian Languages and Jordan. Through all our efforts, we always keep the best interest of our students ahead of us and work hard to pave the way for them and for our nation for a better future.
6/12/2012 8:51 AM
Our department aims at emphasizing the need for programs specialized in teaching Asian languages in order to promote such cultures and its connections with our nation. Though our courses we focus on introducing the students to Asian literature, traditions, arts, science, and ideologies. Such programs will create a balance in teaching eastern and western languages by applying the best educational methods to attract excelling students and distinguished faculty members.

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Department of Asian Languages


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