Department Strategy
6/12/2012 8:46 AM
The Department of European Languages is considered one of the most important departments at the faculty in specific and the university in general. We teach the Spanish, Italian and German languages and through such knowledge we contribute to the academic and cultural national and international interaction. Our students graduate with the ability to interact with various cultures and tolerate difference. The students at our faculty are dedicated citizen capable of building cultural bridges between countries and peoples.
6/12/2012 8:47 AM
Our mission can be summarized in our sincere desire to provide the society with highly qualified and skillful graduates mastering German, Italian and Spanish. The knowledge and cultural exposure our students get opens the doors for them to pursue higher degrees or job opportunities in the fields of education, diplomacy, tourism, and translation.
6/12/2012 8:48 AM
To proceed in fulfilling our goals and in an attempt to develop the department we look forward to launch a translation Master Program in Spanish- Arabic and other masters programs that deals with the other languages that we teach at our department.

School of Foreign Languages
Department of European Languages


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