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The French department participates in The Choice Goncourt of the East 2022


​ Under the supervision of Professor Shereen Kakish, nine students from the French Department participated in the Choice Goncourt of the East, which is an academic award for Francophone literary novels awarded by French-speaking students. This participation was organized by the Middle East Regional Directorate of the AUF in cooperation with the French Institute in Beirut and the French Institutes and embassies in the Middle East. The participation was under the sponsorship of the Academy of Goncourt. 34 universities from 12 countries in the region participated in this award, and the number of students who took part in this event reached 500. This award is one of the oldest French literary prizes. The best novel for this year was chosen on October 30th, 2022, and the student Mohammad Al-Fuqaha represented the University of Jordan on the day of the final deliberations and the final vote for the winning novel in Beirut.

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