Public Lecture on Korean Literature at the School of Foreign Languages

In the presence of the First Secretary in the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Amman Kim Jiyoung, Dr. Park Byoungju from the Korean Section at the School of Foreign Languages on Tuesday, March 29, delivered a lecture on contemporary Korean literature for graduate students in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Jordan (UJ).

The lecture, entitled “Korean Literature and Globalization”, focused on two short stories by contemporary Korean writers, Kim Joo-young and Kim Jae-young. The former’s short story, titled “Robbery Training,” depicts the lives of lower-class people in South Korea in the 1970s, while the latter’s short story, titled “The Elephant,” focuses on the lives of immigrants in South Korea in the 2000s.

The lecture, which came within the course “Special Topic in World Literature” that is offered to graduate students enrolled in the PhD program in English literature, was attended also by faculty members from the School, and it included a Q & A session about the historical development of Korean literature and the extent to which it affected and was affected by other literary and cultural movements.

According to the course convenor, Dr. Yousef Abu Amrieh, a lecture
on Hungarian literature was delivered two weeks ago by the Cultural Attaché at the Hungarian Embassy in Amman and this is the second public lecture during this semester for graduate students and faculty members on literary texts from various civilizations and cultures and it will be followed by three more public events on Maltese, Slovenian and literatures, to be delivered by academics from those countries, either on-campus or online.

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