School of Foreign Languages - The University of Jordan - Delegation from City of Volgograd Visits Department of Asian Languages

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  • 04 - Jun
  • 2024

Delegation from City of Volgograd Visits Department of Asian Languages

​A delegation from the heroic city of Volgograd (former Stalingrad), one of the largest cities in Russia, visited the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the University of Jordan as part of an official visit to Jordan. The delegation included the Vice-President of Volgograd State Medical University Natalia Alshuk, university lecturers and the head of the Department of International Relations in the administration of the Volgograd region Mr. Boris Sergeevich

‏During the meeting with the Head of the Department of Asian Languages, Dr. Dina Al-Salman and Professor of Russian Language Dr. Tatyana Gluchenko, the two parties discussed joint cooperation projects within the framework of the agreement signed between the two universities. Dr. Natalia Alshuk said that Volgograd State Medical University has a large language center, teaching Russian language intensively for foreign students at a rate exceeding the number of hours of the bachelor's program at the University of Jordan. This center provides excellent training opportunities for our students studying Russian. The two parties also discussed the possibilities of voluntary assistance by the Russian side in organizing opportunities to practice the Russian-language conversation for Jordanian students, and holding joint scientific conferences for students and faculty with universities in Volgograd. In the Russian corner, the delegation met with students of the third and fourth year of the Russian language specialization. During the meeting, the guests talked about their university and the many areas of cooperation between Volgograd University and the city administration with the Jordanian side, about the life of foreign students studying at their language center, and the training programs and cultural events. At the end of the meeting, guests presented the Russian flag as a gift to the Russian corner, and offered delicious Russian chocolate to the students bearing the symbols of the heroic city. Dr. Tatyana Gloshenko thanked the guests for the visit and presented guests with traditional kuffiyas on behalf of the students to keep the beautiful memory of Jordan and the University of Jordan engraved in the minds of the guests.