Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Visits Indian universities

Professor Mahmoud Al-Shara'ah, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, received an official invitation from the Director General of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to visit India as part of the Academic Visitor Program 2017/2018 which will be held from 19-28 February 2018. The visit aims at discussing Indian academic programs that teaches English and other languages ​​such as Spanish, German and Arabic. These academic visits help to promote Indian the academic and cultural cooperation between the University of Jordan and the Indian Universities and building cultural bridges between Jordan and India. During the visit, the possibility of establishing an Indian course at The Department of Asian Languages was also discussed.

     The Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​prepared a memorandum of understanding concerning the establishment of this Indian course in Indian language for university students. The course may be a university requirement such as Japanese, Hebrew and other languages.

     The Indian Council for Cultural Relations has prepared a distinguished academic program for this scientific visit which included the visit of five Indian universities:

Jawaharlal Nehru University

University of Delhi

Melia Islamic University

University of Bangalore

University of Memphis

        The visit included meetings with deans, directors and heads of colleges, centers and academic departments that teach languages such as English, linguistics and Sanskrit. The program also included lectures given by Professor Al-Shara'ah to postgraduate students in these scientific institutions in the presence of the deans , the directors of the centers and the heads of the concerned departments. He also spoke in his lectures about his research in literary studies and postcolonial theory as well as Arabic versions of Shakespeare's work and the use Arabic references and sources in dramatic and poetic works of Shakespeare.

    Among the lectures presented by Professor Al-Shara'ah was a lecture on higher education and cultural studies in Jordanian universities where the audience expressed their admiration and appreciation for Jordan's postgraduate programs.

    The scientific visit was accompanied by a special cultural program in which Dr. Shara'ah visited the historical, cultural and historical monuments of the Republic of India.

    It is fortunate that this scientific visit coincided with the visit of His Majesty King Abdullah II to the State of India and His Majesty's endeavor to open new horizons for cooperation with the Republic of India in all fields including the academic, scientific and cultural ones. Signing the MOU between the faculty of Foreign Languages and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations / Indian Embassy only aims to achieve the vision of His Majesty the King and make Jordan "visible globally".​


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