Turkish Literature in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Course Description :
This course starts with the beginnings of the 20th Century after the classical Era, which marks three significant literary periods in the history of Turkish literature: Tanzimat Dönemi (1839-1876), Servet-i Fünun Dönemi (1896-1906) and Fecr-i Ati Dönemi (1906-1911) with the masterpieces of the literary writers, and leads up to the present through the Republican Era (Cumhuriyet Dönemi). Students will be exposed to selections from poetry and prose, basically novels and the drama of the period, highlighting the introduction of the western European literary types and styles into Turkish literature.
Department : Asian Languages
Program :Bachelor���s Degree in Turkish and English Languages
Course Level :Bachelor
Course Outline :
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School of Foreign Languages
Department of Asian Languages


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