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( Language Variation in English)
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This course is concerned with the English language from a sociolinguistic perspective. It surveys the standard varieties of English and how they have developed. It aims to provide insights into how social structures and relationships influence language and how language plays a role in shaping social structures and relationships. In addition to providing students with the theoretical and analytical tools to understand current work in sociolinguistics, it also prepares them to undertake their own research and familiarizes them with the current trends in sociolinguistics in the broad areas of language variation in text and discourse, attitudes towards language, multilingualism, globalization, language contact and language policy. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are discussed and evaluated in the course. Introduction to the major regional dialects and contact varieties of the English-speaking world and to the many dimensions of social variation in British and North American English. This course will approach the topic of language variation and change. The course content will focus on language internal factors on variation.​

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Department : European Languages
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Course Level :Bachelor
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