Overview of The Department of Asian Languages

The Asian languages department was first established in the middle of the scholastic year 2007/2008 after being separated from the then Modern Language Department. This newly created department continues with the University of Jordan’s time honored tradition of providing its students with quality education mainly in the field of Asian language and the literature. The department hosts four current separate B.A programs, namely the Korean-English, Chinese-English Program, Russian-English and Turkish-English joint programs which are overseen by twenty dedicated faculty members ranging from PhD. to MA. holders in their respective fields of specialization. In addition the department offers academic instruction in such languages as Japanese, Urdu and Hebrew, many of these are expected to be upgraded to full B.A program status in the near future. In addition to being the center-point for the academic pursuit of Asian languages in Jordan, the department also acts as a cultural bridge, through various cultural days and events, introducing the respective cultures and ways of thinking of many Asian countries, enriching the learning experience of our students, and creating within them a global citizen who is capable of dealing with the challenges of a world that is rapidly globalizing. The department prides itself with maintaining excellent ties of cooperation and friendship with many foreign embassies and international cooperation institutions, working together to provide students with the best and most satisfying of learning experiences provided in the University of Jordan.

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Department of Asian Languages


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