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  Department of European Languages

Overview of The Department of European Languages

The Department offers three programs: BA in Italian/English, BA in German/English, and BA in Spanish/English. The German section was established in 1988 and has since become one of the most successful sections within the Department of European Languages at the University of Jordan. In the first and second years of specialization, the German section introduces language courses to prepare students for advanced studies in literature, tourism, economics, mass media, and other fields. The rationale behind this lies in the increasing economic ties between Arab countries and German-speaking nations, where individuals possessing strong German language skills are essential for the success of these relationships.

Furthermore, Jordan's burgeoning tourist industry, enriched by its natural beauty and historical and cultural sites, attracts educated German tourists. To capitalize on this potential, the industry requires proficient German-speaking tourist guides and employees in hotels and travel agencies. Moreover, the presence of Jordanian nationals fluent in German fosters commercial, cultural, and scientific exchanges between Jordan and German-speaking countries.

The Italian section was inaugurated at the University of Jordan in 1998, marking a significant milestone in the institution's commitment to promoting linguistic diversity and cultural exchange. With the establishment of this section, the University recognized the growing importance of Italian language and culture in the global arena, as well as its relevance to the academic and professional pursuits of students in Jordan and beyond. The introduction of the Italian section provided students with the opportunity to delve into one of the world's most culturally rich and historically significant languages. Italian, renowned for its melodious cadence and expressive nuances, offers learners a gateway to exploring Italy's rich literary heritage, artistic achievements, and vibrant contemporary culture.


Moreover, the establishment of the Italian section reflects the University's vision of fostering international connections and facilitating cross-cultural understanding. Italy's prominent position in various fields such as fashion, design, cuisine, and tourism makes proficiency in Italian an asset for individuals seeking global opportunities in these industries. By offering Italian language courses and cultural programs, the University of Jordan aims to equip students with the linguistic and intercultural competencies necessary to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.​

The Spanish section was established at the University of Jordan in 2000 and has since emerged as a vital component of the institution's language offerings. Recognizing the growing importance of Spanish, the section is dedicated to providing students with comprehensive language skills and cultural insights that extend beyond mere communication.


The importance of learning Spanish lies in the expansion of economic opportunities. Spanish is not only the official language of numerous countries in Latin America but also holds significant influence in global trade and commerce. By acquiring proficiency in Spanish, students open doors to potential careers in international business, trade, and diplomacy, facilitating stronger economic ties between Arabic-speaking nations and Spanish-speaking countries. Understanding Spanish allows students to engage with a diverse range of literature, music, cinema, and art from the Spanish-speaking world. This cultural exchange fosters greater appreciation and understanding between Arabic and Spanish-speaking communities, promoting cross-cultural dialogue and cooperation.