Bachelor’s Degree in Russian and English Languages
Program Description :This program is one of the dual bachelor programs that the school offers. It was introduced at the beginning of the academic year 2010/2011, where the Russian embassy expressed its willingness to support the study of the Russian language at the University of Jordan, in order to sign an agreement with the "Russian Scientist" Fund, and from there the Russian corner was opened at the university. The Russian government provides a scholarship for students during the summer period to study in Russia. This division teaches the undergraduate program in both Russian and English languages, with emphasis on language and literature subjects in both languages. The student must complete a total of 144 credit hours. Where the percentage of subjects in Russian language and literature reaches 60%, while the percentage of subjects in the English language is 40%, in order to obtain a bachelor's degree.​
Program Type :Undergraduate
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Program Department : Asian Languages

School of Foreign Languages

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