French and English double major program / Program Overview


This program follows the "dual languages" approach followed in the College of Foreign Languages, which means that the French language is a new language for most students and will be a main language of learning, while the English language that students learn in school will be a second (secondary) language. Our program will differ from the rest of the bilingual programs as it is not a language and literature program but an applied language program for the purpose of preparing students for the labor market.

There will be a few literary subjects, but they will be in the program with the aim of training students in critical thinking and not with the aim of graduating students specialized in literature. Instead there will be many materials in French and English for different purposes
(Business, tourism, education, etc.) which will help students in their professional future, as the program will contain a large number of materials that qualify the student for the labor market and gain him / her linguistic and applied skills that distinguish the program from other bilingual programs and prepare its graduates in fields Different later in the job market.