School of Foreign Languages
"Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own."− Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Undergraduate Programs
ProgramDepartmentDescriptionStudy Plans
Bachelor’s Degree in Korean and English Languages Asian Languages This program includes 144 credit hours in learning Korean and English languages, native Koreans who speak English teach in this program, students can get many opportunities to travel to a Korean University through student exchange programs arranged by the department. after graduating the student can work in translation, public relations, diplomatic institutions or business sector. 
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Bachelor’s Degree in Turkish and English Languages Asian Languages The  joint undergraduate program in Turkish and English languages has got the initial accreditation from the Higher Education Accreditation commission  in February 2010. This program includes 144 credit hours, in this program the student can visit Turkey and practice Turkish language directly. The university expects many job opportunities to be created in business due to the huge trade exchange between Jordan and Turkey....Read MoreNot Uploaded
Bachelor’s Degree in Russian and English Languages Asian Languages This program is similar to other joint programs at the University of Jordan; It consists of 144 credit hours which focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. It gives students opportunities to master both languages by benefiting from qualified instructors. It also gives opportunities to study in Russia for more than one year. many opportunities will be created, especially in the field of tourism, translation, public relations, trade and business. ...Read MoreNot Uploaded
Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese and English Languages Asian Languages This program includes 144 credit hours, the plan focuses on language skills, translation and cultural studies.
There is no doubt that China's economy, create many job opportunities. As well,  the private sector in this country and in the Arab world need Chinese-speakers. Therefore,  many opportunities will be created, especially in the field of translation, interpretation and public relations.
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Bachelor’s in Italian and English European LanguagesThe second section in the Department of European Languages is the Italian Section which offers a joint B.A degree in Italian and English Languages.  Currently there are 257 students enrolled in the program. In order to obtain the degree, students are required to complete 144 credited hours. 60% of the course load in Italian language and literature. The remaining 40% is dedicated to English language and literature.  The Italian section currently employs five PhD holders as full timers....Read More
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Bachelor’s in German and English European Languages The German Section offers a joint B.A program in German and English languages.  This program, in which 251 students are enrolled now, was established in the academic year 1996/1997.  It teaches courses in literature, language, culture, and translation. To obtain a B.A degree in German and English languages, a student must complete 144 credited hours, 60% of which would be dedicated to German language and Literature, while 40% is taught in English. All the academic staff in this section speaks German and most of them speak English and Arabic fluently....Read More
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Bachelor’s in Spanish and English European Languages The Spanish section offers a B.A degree in Spanish and English Languages. This program which was established in 2000/2001 has currently 377 students. Students are required to finish144 credited hours in Italian language and literature. The remaining 40% of the total credited hours are taught in English language and literature.  ...Read More
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Bachelor’s Degree in French Language and Literature French Language and LiteratureThe Bachelor's program in the department of French language and Literature started in the year 1987 with the goal of empowering Jordanian students with the knowledge and skills that will be of asset to various academic and educational institutions in addition to professional circles. Teaching French as a foreign language help students get the basic language skills including; reading, writing, listening, speaking, in addition to professional skills within the educational plans integrated in the educational process of teaching French Language and Literature. This process takes them all the way to professionalism and path their way as they pursue higher education.   ...Read More
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Bachelor’s in English Language and LiteratureEnglish Language and LiteratureThis program fosters students' knowledge of the English language and literature and develops their language competence and critical thinking skills. The program consists of three fields: First, Advanced language skills that offer courses on the basic four skills as well as translation and journalistic writing. Second, Linguistics which examines English language as a science and offers courses on linguistic, phonetics, and sociolinguistics. Third, Literature which explores literary genres such as novel and drama, western theories, and periodized American and English literature. Various jobs are available for the graduates, such as Media,
Teaching, Translation, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Banks and companies, and Tourism.
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LinguisticsEnglish Language and LiteratureApplied English is a very modern program whose equals in the world are but a few. It is characterized by a practical and applied approach to linguistic knowledge; although it does not ignore theory completely; practice takes precedence and arches over the entire program. Hence, it focuses on empowering students with communicative English language skills:  listening, speaking, reading, and writing without the need for meta-language. At the same time, it qualifies its graduates for the job market in such areas as tourism, hotels, media, business, law, health, and diplomacy. It inculcates in the student high values that include respect for the other, appreciation of pluralism, taking pride in their own cultural and national identity, and compliance with the moral code of ethics professionally and personally.                                                                                                                                                  Graduates of Applied English worked in diplomacy, media, tourism, law, public relations, health, translation, and education. Their jobs were in private and public, local and international, and profit and non-profit organizations....Read More
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