Postgraduate Programs
ProgramDepartmentDescriptionStudy Plans
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PhD in LiteratureEnglish Language and LiteraturePhD in English Literature
The program provides specialized knowledge in English Literature with six concentrations:
1. Periods literature
2. Literary genres (novel, drama, poetry)
3. Literary theory and criticism
4. Major English and American critics and authors
5. World and Arabic Literatures in English translation
6. Research methodology
Graduates may work in Academia, Research centers, Media, Companies, and Management and leadership positions in educational institutes
Various jobs are available for the graduates, such as Academia
Research centers, Media, companies, and Management and leadership positions in educational institutes
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Master in TranslationEnglish Language and LiteratureThe programme develops the students' skills in English-Arabic-English translation in the fields of economics, politics, administration, literature, law and media. Some of the job prospects for the graduates are: Written translation in various types of business, Consecutive and simultaneous translation in conferences and symposiums, Teaching, and Media and journalism.
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Master in LinguisticsEnglish Language and LiteratureThe programme broadens students knowledge of Theoretical linguistics (Phonology, Semantics, Syntax, etc.), Applied linguistics (Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Discourse analysis, etc.), and Methods of research in linguistics. Teaching, Media, Banks and Companies, and Translation are some of the job opportunities available for students after graduation.      
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Master in LiteratureEnglish Language and LiteratureThe programme promotes the students' knowledge in English literature. In particular, it focuses on the following subjects: Novel, Drama, Criticism, Literary theory, and Methods of research in Literature. After graduation, graduates  may find many job opportunities in Teaching, Media, Tourism, Banks and Companies and Translation.
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PhD in LinguisticsEnglish Language and Literature...Read More ...Click Here
Master in Language, Culture, and CommunicationEnglish Language and LiteratureThe proposed M.A.programis a quality contribution to higher education in language, culture, and communication at Jordanian as well as Arab universities. This programcould be unique in this region as it responds to challenges brought by globalization by focusing on all aspects of communication between individuals, institutions, and cultures.
The proposedprogram provides students with opportunities to acquire communication skills as well as the theoretical knowledge needed to solve communication problems in a variety of domains: Business, Press, Journalism…etc. Through elective courses, this programoffers flexibility that fulfills a wide range of student needs and concerns.
The M.A. Program in ‘Language, Culture, and Communication’ is comprised of (33) credit hours which can be taken in two tracks: Thesis Track and Comprehensive Examination Track. The former consists of (15) compulsory credit hours, (9) elective credit hours and (9) credit hours for an M.A. thesis. By contrast, the latter consists of (24) compulsory credit hours and (9) elective credit hours followed by a comprehensive examination that covers the different fields of knowledge covered by the study plan.
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"Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own."− Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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