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  • 04 - Mar
  • 2024

Writing Contest in the Department of Asian Languages

The team of the project “World Literature” in the Department of Asian Languages at the School of Foreign Languages in The University of Jordan held a writing contest on Sunday, 3/3/2024 at 1:00 pm. The contest was supervised by Dr. Park Byoungju of the Korean Section, Dr. Bagdagul Mussa of the Turkish Section and Dr. Inna Zarovna of the Russian Section.

The writing contest was held as a continuation of the previous level of the contest in which the participants had to read three stories and answer the questions online. Moreover, 18 participants were able to pass the online quiz.
During the writing contest, those 18 participants wrote their opinion about the stories in three languages (Turkish, Russian and Korean) through comparing and connecting them with each other.
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