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School's Strategy

School's Strategy

Our Vision

A distinguished and leading school in teaching foreign languages and providing cutting-edge research in the fields of languages, literature and translation on both the regional and international levels.

Our Goals

* Introduce students to different languages and cultures that will expand their horizons and promote their communication skills. * Enhance students' abilities for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as develop their intellectual, professional and soft skills. * Create a smart educational environment based on the concept of interactive learning and integrating ICT in education * Produce world-class, research that generates valuable knowledge in the fields of literature, linguistics, and translation studies. * Produce well-qualified graduates, ready to deal with the future world as well as contribute to the process of its shaping.

Our Mission

The School of Foreign Languages seeks to offer an interactive educational experience for the teaching and learning of foreign languages, while enabling students and academics to promote their intellectual and practical skills and conduct research within a smart and attractive environment conducive for creativity, innovation and leadership.