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 Educational And Research Facilities

 Educational And Research Facilities


Languages Labs

Language laboratories are pivotal in foreign language instruction, offering students immersive and interactive learning opportunities. Through multimedia resources like audio recordings, videos, and interactive exercises, students engage with authentic language materials. At the University of Jordan's School of Foreign Languages, several well-equipped labs, including those for Chinese and Korean, feature data projectors, sound systems, and computers, facilitating effective language learning that necessitates such facilities.

Cultural Corners

Cultural corners are essential for foreign language students as they provide valuable insights into the cultural nuances associated with the languages they are learning. These corners at the School of Foreign Languages offer resources such as books, artifacts, and multimedia materials that deepen students' understanding of language in its cultural context. The School of Foreign Languages features designated corners for Russian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German and French.


Smart Classrooms

The School of Foreign Languages possesses several smart classrooms equipped with sound systems, smart data projectors, podiums, cameras, and wireless internet connectivity.


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