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 Research and Development

 Research and Development


  • The School of Foreign Languages is currently reviewing all study plans and working on updating them in line with local and international quality standards and the requirements of the labor market.

  • The School of Foreign Languages has achieved notable advancement in the QS global rankings, as the school was ranked 251-300 globally for its English Language and Literature as well as linguistics fields.

  • The University of Jordan's School of Foreign Languages has achieved international accreditation through "Evalag" for four of its programs. These accredited programs encompass the Applied English Language Program, the English Language and Literature Program, the French Language and Literature Program, and the Spanish and English Languages Program. Evalag is dedicated to enhancing the quality of higher education by meticulously developing, implementing, and evaluating standards. Its purview extends to evaluating academic programs, assessing institutional internal quality, and ensuring adherence to national and international higher education standards.

  • Some faculty members gained Financial Support to their scientific project from the Deanship of Scientific Research

  • There are two research groups in the School of Foreign Languages: ​Contemporary Arab Diasporic Literary Studies and Cognitive Semantics. Below are  breifs of these groups.

  • ​Contemporary Arab Diasporic Literary Studies: Since the late 19th century and the start of the 20th century, Arab nationals (mainly from the Levant) have immigrated to Europe, North and South America, and Australia for economic, social, cultural and political reasons, forming in the process diverse Arab communities in diaspora. Being away from their homelands, Arab writers in diaspora have used literary texts to narrate their ordeals and experiences away from home, and by doing so, they have produced a distinctive kind of literature that can be referred to as Arab diasporic literature. Over the past ten years, the number of novels written by Arab diasporic writers and/or novels that represent the diasporic experiences of characters of Arab descent has substantially increased and led to the emergence of a new generation of novelists, poets and playwrights. This increase was accompanied by a surge in the research conducted in the field. Hence, the purpose of this research group is to explore various aspects of Arab diasporic literature through employing interdisciplinary approaches. Articles published by this group discuss numerous issues in Arab diasporic literature such as ageing, trauma, cultural identity, mobility, the representation of weather, socio-cultural spaces, the symbolism of trees, clothes, food and windows among other aspects and themes.

Prof. Yousef Abu Amrieh/ Jordan
Prof. Majed Aladaylah/ Jordan
Dr. Lindsey Moore / UK
Prof. Iman Raslan/ Eygpt
Prof. Nouri Gana, USA 
Dr. Salma Kaouthar Letaief/ Algeria
Dr. Ahmed Shalabi/Jordan
Dr. Amal Al-Khayyat/ Jordan
Dr. Ahmad Qabaha/ Palestine
Dr. Deema Ammari/ Jordan
Dr. Aida Omet/ Jordan
Dr. Eman Khalil Mukattash / Jordan
Dr. Noor Alkilani/ Jordan
Dr. Stephan Milich/Germany
Dr. Shahd Alshammari/Kuwait
Ms. Asmaa Al-Talafeeh /Jordan
 For more about the group, visit the link below:​

research group.jpg

  • Cognitive Semantics: Cognitive Semantics research groupexplores the field of cognitive semantics, specifically metaphor and metonymy. Utilizing several theoretical frameworks, such as conceptual blending, conceptual metaphor theory, conceptual complexes, and others, the group investigates these linguistic phenomena in several languages, including Arabic, English, and Russian. The group examines the intricacies of cognitive processes involved in comprehending and producing meaning. The work of this group contributes to a more profound comprehension of human cognition and communication.

Dr. Aseel Zibin /Jordan
Dr. Abdel Rahman Mitib Altakhaineh/Jordan
Dr. Olga Solopova/ Russia
Ms. Lama Khalifah/Jordan
Ms. Afaka Younes/Jordan
For more about the group, visit the link below:​

research group2.jpg

  •  In cooperation with University of Jordan Library Unit, the faculty provides sufficient sources of information for scientific research through subscription to international journals

  •   A number of our students have implemented a number of national and projects and initiatives.

  • Faculty members publish research in the fields of language, literature and culture in various languages and attend a number of conferences and research that contribute to enriching knowledge and developing skills and abilities. To view the scientific production of faculty members in the Faculty of Foreign Languages, please click here.