​Third Series of 'Languages for Virtue' Initiative: Fine and Soap

 Under the patronage of Professor Mahmoud Al-Shra'ah, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the faculty organized the third series of the 'Languages for Virtue' ​ initiative which was launched in the month of Ramadan with Iftar for orphans. The second series was blood donation to cancer patients.


The third series is entitled "Fine​ and Soap". It provided sanitary paper and soap to the students' facilities at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, to secure a clean environment for our students.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of this initiative, especially Al-Nuqul Group, represented by the Chairman, Mr. Ghassan Eliea Nuqul, which  provided a large amount of sanitary paper that was delivered to the Deanship Office.