JINJO Crew Korean Band


​On October 3, 2021, "Jinjo crew Korean band" was Introduced on Jordan TV. This dance group consists of 11 people and is a group that dances intensely by freely using the whole body. This group is have performed in Jordan in 2016, and this year they visited Jordan for the second time and performed twice. This performance received the enthusiastic response of Jordanian K-POP fans.

The first performance was performed at the jerash Theater on October 1st.  and the second performance was at the International Amman Academy (IAA) , they also did an interview on Jordan TV to introduce their dance.

At all the events of this dance group, Hashim Saqr Aldajeh who majoring Korean and English languages at the University of Jordan made a big success as an interpreter for Korean-Arabic.  Hashim thinks that such a figure was a great help to bring up a great learning line not only for students but also for new students.


School of Foreign Languages

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