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Program Specifications

Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature / Program Overview

  • Background to the Program and Subject Area:

This major is related to students' knowledge of the English language and its literature, and it develops the student's ability to deal with it effectively. The Bachelor's program focuses on three aspects, mainly:

1- advanced language skills, including translation and creative writing,

2- linguistics which revolves around the nature of language, history, and linguistic theories,

3- English and American literature including poetry, novels, and plays with their historical dimensions in addition to literary theories and schools of Western and international ideology. This major provides many job opportunities for graduates in various fields such as media, teaching, written and simultaneous translation, communication, information technology, bilingual companies and banks, and tourism and hospitality.


  • Vision Statements of the Program:

The program aims mainly to build specialized competencies in the fields of English language and literature, achieve leadership and excellence at the local and international levels, and provide the labour market with distinguished graduates who have considerable knowledge, skills, and competencies and who will be able to apply scientific research skills in daily life and use information technology and modern teaching strategies.

  • Mission Statements of the Program:

The program focuses on achieving excellence in teaching, scientific research, and student service by developing high-level educational programs. It also aims to contribute to graduating distinct generations of students who possess science and knowledge and are able to keep pace with modern developments and compete at the local and regional levels.


  • Program Aims:

Some of the objectives of the program me include integrating information technology and employing it elaborately to achieve a more effective learning experience, promoting the concept of lifelong sustainable self-learning, and emphasizing the importance of acquiring sufficient knowledge regarding the stages of the emergence and development of the English language and its literature. The program also aims to develop students' abilities and skills in English critical reading skills, identify the most important literary works and the different genres in British and American literature, and enhance various linguistic written and oral skills and competencies.​