The Chinese Language Section Holds a Celebration on the Occasion of Chinese Language Day

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The Chinese Language Section hosted a celebration of "Chinese Language Day," also known as "国际中文日," on Thursday, May 11, 2023, at the Asian Languages Department in the School of Foreign Languages at the University of Jordan. The event was supervised by the department's faculty members, including Dr. Yousef Khataybeh, Dr. Amer Barhoumeh, Dr. Liu Guan Hua, Dr. Hu Shuhong, and was attended by the department head, Dr. Bagdagul Mussa, as well as several professors and students from the School of Foreign Languages.

The celebration included a range of activities and presentations that highlighted the diverse Chinese culture, such as a Chinese calligraphy section, traditional Chinese clothing showcase, as well as several traditional Chinese games that offered visitors the chance to learn more about the culture. Additionally, there was a demonstration of Tai Chi martial arts, an introduction to Chinese tea culture, and a presentation on Chinese geography. This event provided an opportunity for students, professors, and visitors to the School of Foreign Languages to discover and enjoy more about Chinese language and culture.

School of Foreign Languages

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