Russian Section Celebrated International Students' Day

International Students' Day is a wonderful occasion,  it celebrates the friendship and unity of all students of the world every year on November 17.

Students and lecturers of the Russian Section at the Department of Asian Languages at the University of Jordan organized a meeting on this day together with students of Volgograd State Medical University who joined online.

Natalia Alshuk, Representative of International Affairs of Volgograd State Medical University, addressed all those present with a welcoming speech, whose initiative allowed for this celebration. The head of the Department of Asian languages, Dr. Bagdagul Mussa, and lecturers of the Russian language Dr. Tatiana Glushchenko and Dr. Ekaterina Fedoseeva, congratulated the students and wished them great successes.

From their side, Jordanian students talked about the University of Jordan, the first university in Jordan, and about their student life.

Students from Volgograd, citizens of Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Russia and other countries shared their experience of studying the Russian language, talked about the history of the International Student Day holiday, and showed an interesting presentation about student life in Russia, about the work of the Association of Foreign Students in Volgograd, which has 5,000 students from around the world who actively participate in the cultural life of its universities and city.

The meeting lasted an hour and a half, but the time flew by.

It was very nice to celebrate this occaaion with such a large international student family.
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