Welcome to the School of Foreign Languages, where we bridge the gaps between global cultures and civilizations. Established in 2008, our school proudly offers eleven undergraduate programs in a variety of European and Asian languages, and seven graduate programs. Our distinguished faculty members, hailing from diverse backgrounds, employ innovative teaching approaches to enhance students' communication, foster a spirit of lifelong learning, and cultivate critical thinking abilities.

Amid the pandemic, faculty members demonstrated remarkable proficiency in transitioning to e-learning, leveraging their adeptness in both technical and pedagogical realms to seamlessly integrate digital resources into education. A key advantage of our faculty lies in its robust infrastructure, comprising Educational Technology Means such as language laboratories, computer labs, multimedia rooms, and cultural corners like American, Turkish, French, Spanish, among others. Furthermore, our school distinguishes itself through its cultural and civilizational engagements with international partners, hosting conferences, seminars, and cultural exhibitions. Additionally, dedicated cultural weeks are organized for countries whose languages are taught in the school.

A primary goal of the school is to supply the labor market with exceptionally skilled professionals who can adeptly navigate technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. At the end, I extend my best wishes for your success and the prosperity of our beloved country.